As coastguards, we track down drugs and weapons, but also illegal fishery, immigration, and pollution. We search for and rescue people in an emergency. We make sure the rules are being followed. Our Mission? Keep the water safe for everyone.


A boat missing? A dicer missing? a damaged ship? We perform Search and Rescue (SAR) missions from ourRescue- and Coordination Centre (RCC). We do this in a broad area, northwest of the Leeward Islands. We work closely together with non-governmental rescue organizations and surrounding countries to execute the SAR tasks efficiently. Because we see rescuing human lives as an extremely important task


The Coastguard intensively deals with tracking down drugs, weapons, illegal immigration, and environmental pollution in the territorial water around Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, and Stint Maarten. In a larger area, which is called the exclusive economic zone of fishery, we also hunt down the illegal fishery. We execute our investigative duties in close cooperation with other organizations which include police and border patrol


Boat owners and fishermen need to follow the rules to keep the water safe. Do they have a boating license and registration papers? That is what we check. We also intervene when Sea Doo’s or jet skies act dangerous or disturbing the beach guests.


Our mission is what we do on a daily basis, our vision is the goal for the future. To work towards these goals we established them as follows:

Mission: 'To provide maritime safety (safety and security) in the Caribbean by investigating, enforcement and service.’

Vision: ’From 2025 onwards, the Coastguard gives interpretation to the mission by having independent intelligence guided policing (IGP) 24/7 in the maritime domain.'

What is ‘Intelligence Guided Policing? In short; that you analyze data and knowledge thoroughly to come to the best possible decisions and actions.


Our core values show what we stand for:


We are honest, reliable, and respectable. These are the reasons why people trust us.


We ensure that we are and keep doing our job properly. This means that we always aim to act in a de-escalating manner. We are open to feedback in order to keep improving ourselves.


We care for our work, the people we work with, and the people we work for: the society.


We are visible and approachable. We are open to being addressed on what we do.


We work as a self-sufficient organization. We do not get affected by a person’s social status or ethnicity; everyone gets treated equally.

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